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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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Fresh fruits

The primary business and specialization of our Family Farms is the production of fresh fruits, thus we pay extreme attention to make sure the fruits we offer are first class, both in their morphological appearance and their taste. Pears provide the core of our business, of which Bosc kobak (aka Kaiser or Alexander) is grown in the largest porportion, although we can supply our respected buyers for months on end with William and the more and more popular Abade Fetel, as well. We are pleased to work with blackberries due to their unique taste and their antioxidant capacity that is higher than in any other fruits grown in Hungary. Blackberries provide our buyers with not only a lovely, fresh and healthy fruit, but also with a pressed and pasteurised natural juice. Blueberries are one of the least known and least common plantation fruits in Hungary. However, due to their amazing taste and unique gastronomic properties, we would like to get this noble fruit onto the table of many more families in Hungary. For the time being, we grow an early variety called Duke, but we are planning to expand our stock with mid-season and late varieties, as well. Enjoy our tasteful and juicy blueberries, grown for you with love and care!

Abade Fetel pear

The pear variety Abade Fetel has been selected in France 150 years ago, although it has ..


Alexander Pear

Alexander is the most preferred pear variety of the Hungarian consumers, which is also k..



Our 2-hectare blackberry plantation was created with true love - of all the berries grow..



Our Family Orchards pays great attention to innovation, to bringing new and unique produ..

4,500Ft 4,500Ft

William Pear

Many believes that William is the most flavorful of all pear varieties grown in Hungary...


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